Paul Kasey

Paul Kasey is a very talented actor, physical performer, choreographer, movement director and advisor. His career spans for more than two decades of which started after leaving Laine theatre arts in 1994 an all round performer. He soon became a very accomplished actor, singer and dancer working for the top directors and choreographers in all the fields of his profession. From west end musicals to the TV, corporate, commercial and fashion world. His many skills came in very handy, including gymnastics and contortion when auditioning for all these different genres of work. It was not long after that he found himself choreographing for large corporations himself when his career took a turn onto pastures new.

His first introduction to the film and TV industry was playing the part of the guard reaper on Blade 2 for Guillermo Del Toro in 2002. Since then he has had the pleasure of playing, creating, choreographing, performing and bringing to life many roles and characters in many well known films and TV productions.

Since Paul has been working in the field of film and Television he has had the pleasure of working with and alongside many of the well known and most inspirational people the industry has to offer. He would like to take this opportunity to thank them all for sharing their time, knowledge and talents, on and off the screen.